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Railway Lane , Sutton Bridge rtc inc 279 today

serious rtc road closed at the a17 junction emergency services on scene
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Chief Exec swabs the decks

Bedford Hospital Feed - 55 min 13 sec ago
Chief Executive Stephen Conroy spent last Friday morning with the Domestic Services team as part of the 'In Your Shoes' programme
Categories: Bedford

Be four times more likely to quit this Stoptober!

Bedford Hospital Feed - 55 min 13 sec ago
Last year over 250,000 people across England and Wales successfully quit smoking thanks to Stoptober, the biggest mass participation 28-day stop smoking challenge from Public Health England.
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Would you know what to do if your child is unwell or injured?

Bedford Hospital Feed - 55 min 13 sec ago
BCCG has a range of factsheets specially designed to help parents or anyone who looks after a child
Categories: Bedford

Chief Operating Officer gets a taste of the kitchens

Bedford Hospital Feed - 55 min 13 sec ago
Chief Operating Officer Eileen Doyle got a taste of life in the Trust kitchens last Friday (7th August)
Categories: Bedford

Director of Workforce experiences life as a Clinical Support Worker

Bedford Hospital Feed - 55 min 13 sec ago
The ‘In Your Shoes’ programme continued last Wednesday (August 5) as Interim Director of Workforce Geraldine Opreshko worked for a morning on a ward
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Bedford Hospital to join ground-breaking quality improvement initiative

Bedford Hospital Feed - 55 min 13 sec ago
A senior nurse at Bedford Hospital has been selected to join a ground-breaking new initiative to improve the quality of care for patients in the NHS
Categories: Bedford

Is A&E for me this Summer?

Bedford Hospital Feed - 55 min 13 sec ago
The NHS in Bedfordshire is urging people to ask themselves: “Is A&E for me this Summer?”
Categories: Bedford

Chief Executive gets plastered on the job

Bedford Hospital Feed - 55 min 13 sec ago
BEDFORD Hospital’s chief executive, Stephen Conroy, got a taste of what it is like to be put in a plaster cast last Thursday as he spent the morning with the Trauma and Orthopaedics team
Categories: Bedford

Out With the Old, In With the New

Bedford Hospital Feed - 55 min 13 sec ago
Bedford Hospital receives new epidural pumps
Categories: Bedford

Bedford Hospital listed as one of the best places to work in 2015

Bedford Hospital Feed - 55 min 13 sec ago
BEDFORD Hospital has been revealed as one of the top employers in the NHS
Categories: Bedford

Head coach Grayson leaves Essex

BBC Essex - 58 min 50 sec ago
Essex head coach Paul Grayson leaves the county by mutual consent after eight years in charge.
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P2P is transforming business lending - here's how

Anyone who has kept an eye on the financial services landscape over the past decade will have noticed that digital technology is transforming and disrupting many traditional product markets. The latest innovation is from PayPal, an early pioneer in online payments, who are offering a smartphone app to help get your money back if you've lent it to family and friends.

The concept of the shared economy which brings peers together (P2P) is no longer something vague - it is transforming the foreign exchange market, the hotel and travel industry, and even helping people find car parking spaces.

Most significantly in the UK, P2P is changing a number of retail financial services markets including the provision of unsecured and secured loans to consumers and to small businesses and the supply of working capital to SMEs by means of invoice finance.

Read more: P2P trust raises £400m

For consumers looking to invest or save, P2P lending platforms offer a good alternative to either traditional bank savings accounts (which may have deposit protection but where rates are abysmally low) or to other investment products, which tend to be equity based and higher risk.

Costs and charges are lower, as P2P platforms have low cost bases and are able to pass these savings on to their customers. Modern digital systems allow very transparent information to be provided and excellent customer service to be given. Platform based technology also allows for rigorous credit risk management, and average default rates on loans have been below 3% over the last 10 years.

We’ve seen that member platforms, which cover 90 per cent of the market, have together lent over £3bn so far in the UK, and the figure is expected to rise to over £4bn by the end of 2015. Even more consumers look set to benefit from investing in P2P lending from next April when it will be tax protected within an ISA. 

Business lending is changing too. Creditworthy small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) are increasingly looking to P2P lenders for business loans as well as for invoice finance. P2P platforms can offer a quick and efficient service and competitive interest rates, with no penalty charges for early repayments.

Many SME customers are eligible for loans from their bank but prefer P2P because it provides a quicker turnaround and better service. Others may have been rejected for a bank loan because they are in newer, less familiar sectors of the economy (like tech or creative industries) and their assets tend to be more intangible, despite the fact that they are credit worthy. P2P platforms also provide bridging finance for the commercial property market, helping support the UK shortage of affordable homes.

From the broader perspective of the shared economy, it is not yet clear what technological innovation will do to a wide range of traditional markets. What will happen to service models in finance, media, retail distribution and transport? Where will we finance our living accommodation in future? How will we define savings in ten years’ time? How will buy our groceries? How will we travel?

From a financial services point of view, many familiar high street brands have recognised the power of the sharing economy and are now working with peer-to-peer lenders. This is something we welcome.

Others, who may be challenged by changes in technology and market dynamics, find it is easier to adopt scaremongering tactics to try and dampen the growth of innovation and competition. What they fail to recognise is that many consumers now feel empowered by digital technology and the shared economy, and enjoy and value the easy access they now have to good value products and services that weren't available before. For this growing group of people there is no turning back.

P2P may be relatively new, but it is here to stay.

Categories: City of London

Historic ceiling restoration complete

BBC Oxford - 1 hour 9 min ago
A major redecoration project to restore the vaulted ceiling at Oxford Town Hall is completed.
Categories: Oxford

Pritchard terminates Gillingham deal

BBC Kent - 1 hour 12 min ago
Midfielder Josh Pritchard leaves League One club Gillingham after having his contract terminated by mutual consent.
Categories: Kent

Power station to start closure talks

BBC Humberside - 1 hour 13 min ago
The owners of Eggborough Power Station near Goole say it will stop generating power in March 2016 subject to consultations with staff and "government bodies".
Categories: Humberside

Members considering two district council service reviews

Dorset Council News Feed - 1 hour 16 min ago

Councillors are considering options for public consultation on two West Dorset District Council service reviews at Executive Committee on Tuesday 8 September.

The two areas of work being considered are:

  • Support to West Dorset Partnership and Local Area Partnerships (in Beaminster and villages, Bridport, Dorchester, Lyme Regis and Sherborne)
  • Support to Community & Voluntary Organisations

Councillor Anthony Alford, Leader of West Dorset District Council, said:

“We have a long record of support for our local communities, but as a result of significantly reduced government funding, we have to consider carefully the possible ways of giving support in the future. We will look at how we can enable local communities to be more self supporting and resilient.

“The recommendations to the Executive Committee seek approval for a wide-ranging public consultation on the two service reviews. There are no decisions about proposals at this stage and before taking decisions, we will carefully consider the responses from our residents and local groups.

“Our intention through these reviews is to provide local communities with an active role in working with the council and its partners, and to direct available funding where it will have the most impact to meet their needs.”

These reviews form part of the wider programme of service reviews that the district council and Weymouth & Portland Borough Council are undertaking in order to transform the way services are provided and meet their financial challenges.

Members of the public are invited to attend the Executive Committee, which will take place at 2.15pm on Tuesday 8 September in Committee Room A and B, South Walks House, Dorchester.

The committee agenda and papers can be found at:

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Londoners' biggest commuting complaints revealed

Rush hour traffic. Getting your face crammed into someone’s sweaty pits. Delays (or strikes…). Screaming toddlers. The list of our commuting woes could go on, but let’s stop there for the sake of everyone’s blood pressure.

Londoners spend 18 months of their lives commuting. Our daily journey to and from the office is a necessary evil, and there sure is a lot that drives us batty about it, as new research from MBNA Thames Clippers shows.

But what do we hate most about commuting? Shock, horror: It’s the lack of space. 16.3 per cent of those surveyed cited it as their biggest gripe.

It’s hard to argue with the fact that public transport would be much easier to deal with if there weren’t so many other… people on it.

Read more: The London commuter is a man in his forties working in finance

Related to this, our second-biggest bugbear is having to deal with other people’s body odour on a crowded Tube or bus. 7.9 per cent said smelly pits were the worst thing about commuting.

Most of us cope with the drudgery by blocking it all out best we can. 40 per cent say they read a book or newspaper, or just put on headphones and listen to music, or catch up on a TV show on the way home.

For most, this is the best we can to do make our commutes more bearable. But if you could pick any mode of transport, any at all, how would you choose to get to work?

When asked about their ideal commute, the people surveyed got creative to say the least.

One in eight Londoners say they’re jealous of “Harry Potter’s broomstick” and another 10 per cent would like Barack Obama’s Air Force One jet. Some eight per cent would rather have a license to kill - or at least a commute on James Bond’s speed boat.  

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Bishop blesses bearded dragon Bob

BBC Birmingham News Feeds - 1 hour 19 min ago
An alpaca, bearded dragon and several donkeys are among a group of animals to be blessed by the Bishop of Birmingham to mark the opening of a new zoo.
Categories: Birmingham

Murder probe woman had been beheaded

BBC Camberidgeshire Feed - 1 hour 28 min ago
A woman found dead at a house in Cambridgeshire had been beheaded, the BBC understands.
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